Free Two Layer PCB designs


I am out of PCB designing practice and want to get back in shape. I will make two layer PCBs for anyone on KiCAD for free. If interested, pls send me the pdf of the schematic/ Eeschema file (ver. 4 – my old PC will not support KiCAD v 5.1) and any custom component/ library you have used in the schematic. This way I will get real time practice of the entire PCB design flow in return.

Looking forward to your messages at (email deleted by moderator for YOUR protection. Spammers harvest from the web. Please do this via PM. You can give your email there. Hermit).


Arvind Gupta

I don’t think you are going to get any useful practice running v4


With v6 around the corner shouldn’t you put resources towards getting a PC that can run 5.1 and 6? Is it because you’re running an old Windows release? You can get Linux for free.

If you must, maybe you can find old designs on Github and similar places that were developed with v4.


A £30 Raspberry Pi can run KiCad… I have no v4 designs available otherwise I might chuck some your way.

I have links to some of my Github repositories here. “SoundDetectorWing” and “SpeakerAdapter” are v5 projects, but I believe all the rest are v4 projects.

Of course, I’ve already done the layout for these, but if you’re just looking for practice, you could redo it.

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