Free Kicad Logo

I’m looking for a really free logo for KiCad to use in my blog, especially for the credits page.
If I understand it right (I found the svg-logo at wikipedia) it is licensed under GPL what means I must credit the Author, give a link to the license etc… This is too much for a simple credit and it would not look nor feel good. Is there a really free version? Oddly, most companies seem to provide such under their ‘Press’ menu and most open source projects don’t…

The intent of the GPL is for you to give back ‘in kind’. If you are promoting Kicad in a blog and linking back in any way, I don’t think anyone is going to send out a herd of gnus to trample you to death over lack of compliance. The official library’s have a symbol to put on the board. Never been any issues about linking to it. :wink:

I think this is mainly a case of putting some license on the logo to prevent commercial hijacking.

Assuming you don’t charge access to your blog…

:thinking: But does it even meet the threshold of originality? I’ll just leave this example here with a couple of logos that (don’t) meet the threshold.

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