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Desiging Expansion Card in KiCad.

Link -

In This Reference design, the USB Type-C header size looks too narrow, and the PCB size looks too thick for the USB Type-C port to fit.

Will this design can fit USB Port properly in assembly?

#Another Reference Design Image.

The 3D model looks suspicious, but I would not trust it.
The reference should always be the datasheet of the part.

It is quite common though for PCB’s these days to be thinner then the 1.6mm that used to be “standard”. Especially for all kinds of portable equipment that has been racing to the thinnest possible for years now, and a lot of USB connectors are used in such equipment.

It is also quite possible that a manufacturer makes variants of the same connector for different PCB thicknesses, so look out for that when you order parts.

About the 3D model looking “too narrow”. You are showing the PCB in perserpective, which makes it impossible to judge this from a screenshot. The footprint is also missing pads on the far right side, and the 3D model seems to be a mismatch for the footprint. There is no standardization for the PCB side of connectors. There are literally hundredths of different PCB footprints for USB connectors alone.

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from the pdf and pcb file, the board should be 0.8mm thick

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Also see this interesting post on PCB thickness!

Thank’s For Pointing-out.

Can you guide me, which “footprint is also missing pads on the far right side footprint is also missing pads on the far right side”?
This design and the part number are specified by the manufacturer. If it’s wrong from their side,
Then, I want to correct it.


So, what is that thing on the right if it is not supposed to be soldered?
From the 3D sketch in the .PDF it looks that one of them is on the top, and the other on the bottom.

Confirmed by maui’s post below.

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if you get the 3d model, it has just one on top and one on bottom, as per the footprint… I don’t see any issue
Moreover the tips distance is 0.8mm, and the contacts are at 0.6mm (probably they are spring contacts)

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So I think, Nothing wrong with part number and reference PCB design.
Just curious that this connector can easily assembled on 0.8mm PCB’s.

Thanks For Your Time.

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