FPV Flight Controller made with KiCAD



Thanks very much!

Sky Flight Controller to Drones (prototype)

Miniature Microcontroller 9mmx9mm
NXP Kinetis K27 150Mhz ARM Cortex M4F 2MB Flahs 1MB SRAM

6-axis sensor with integrated linear accelerometer and magnetometer
3-Axis Digital Angular Rate Gyroscope
Miniature SPI digital barometer, 50 to 115 kPa

3 x SPI
3 x I2C
4 x UART (configurable up to 5 UART)

Up to 16 Timers to 16 servors or brushless motors.

Support to PWM, iBus, SmartPort (FrSky Taranis, etc…) and S.BUS (Futaba)

Micro SD card to Fly Logging.

USB Type-C
DC-DC Buck Converter from 2S to 6S LiPO Batteries

FR4-150 6 Layers 1,6mm ENIG

Mounting Holes 30,5x30,5mm
M3 Holes
Board dimension 34,7x34,7mm

#SLACK https://lnkd.in/gxh8KKb


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