Fp-lib-table and sym-lib-table random harmless changes (quotes around single word descriptions)

To help tracking some strange behaviors before, I created a GIT repository of my KiCAD user’s files (%appdata/kicad%), I have noticed that sometimes the names in the fp-lib-table change from being surrounded with quotes to not surrounded by quotes.


Most probably, this is not a problem, but a weird behavior nonetheless.

Is you picture a diff between two versions? If yes, what was done between them?

Yes, those are the changes on the files according to GIT, I haven’t even use those libraries, I have worked normally with my board, I am not sure when the changes happen.

Do you use the same lib table with different kicad versions?

No, I just use one version of KiCAD, what I do is to run KiCAD from a batch script.

SET KICAD_CONFIG_HOME=C:\Users\*******\AppData\Roaming\KiCad_v5_1_5
START /d "C:\Program Files\KiCad_v5_1_5\bin\" kicad.exe 

I did a couple of test, adding and deleting symbol libraries, and it changed again, but now just one of them.


Time for a bug report?

Maybe, but I wouldn’t like to cry wolf again without somebody else reproducing it.

There were similar problems with quoted/unquoted layer names in other kicad files. Maybe this is familiar to the developers.

Adding a new footprint library changes the quotes from “Sockets”, “Valves” and “Varistors” in the fp-lib-table (first screenshot), adding a new symbol library changes the quotes from “Diodes” in the sym-lib-table (second screenshot).

Bug report: https://gitlab.com/kicad/code/kicad/issues/3908

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Older versions of Kicad quote only when they have to (ie: when there’s a space in the string). That wasn’t helpful for many external tools, so 5.99 (and 6.0) always quote.

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