Four terminal resistor as NetTie not working on V6.0 [Solved]

I made a 4 terminal current sense resistor as a NetTie, but on V6.02 Testing R260 10th March I get errors

NetTie_CRE2512-R007.kicad_mod (2.6 KB)
The footprint.
I have 4 SMD pads and two copper polygons

Does adding “net tie” to the beginning of the footprint keywords fix it? That’s the magic keyword that gets DRC to allow copper polygons shorting two nets.

That works, I thought it was the file name that mattered.
Now this causes an undetected short

I think it will help you to keep the same number in the connected pads, and use seperate net tie symbols to connect to the correct pins of your resistor symbol.

Edit: Or use a keepout area to keep this clean from the zone.

Keep out “copper fill” is the solution
External NetTies don’t work well here, I had a thread about this structure in V5.1 times.
I hope V7 finally ditches this key word kludge as far more DRC errors are possible with it and moving a NetTie to an inner layer is still a mess

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