Found the PCBWay problem!

No wonder they have so many shameless spammers all over the place.

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Didn’t see any in the last couple of days/weeks? Did I miss them?
Anyhow, good find.

Not sure, I haven’t been around here much lately - there was a pcbway spam here last time I was here, that’s all I remember.


Well, good you posted it… 0-tolerance for that kind of spam is a pretty easy decision then. And I think ‘Regulars’ will be able to hide it pretty fast from being able to be viewed and we’re 5 now or so :slight_smile:

I think the last post in the discussion thread says it all:

Yeah the forum spam is annoying, report it. But the service is excellent.

And, yeah, I’m a real person who has used their service a few times. The boards work, they’re fast, and it’s cheap. Good enough for me.

As for spam, I’ve got a delete button and a flag button.