Found a commercial automated schematic and pcb routing tool based on KiCad

Automated building of schematic as well as pcb layout based on a domain specific language specification. You simply specify which input voltage, sensors,… you need, and the tool builds it for you. And they use KiCad as part of their system :wink:.

@kasbah: I think this is especially interesting for you because of your “Designing PCBs with code” talks

Found here: Launch HN: JITX (YC S18) – Automating Circuit Board Design | Hacker News

Demo Videos

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Oh wow. I’ve been building a similar system for laying out components, but this is a lot more advanced. Good on those guys for taking it to a more streamlined level. Kudos!

Ah nice, haven’t logged in here much so I didn’t see your @. I did come across it separately as well. Super interesting. I think, created by the creator of PyCircuit, can be a completely open contender to this. Will continue to watch this space :space_invader:

I can see the future of the circuit design here!!

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I think schematic synthesis of digital circuits would be an achivable goal for KiCad. Targets to get this working would benefit “normal” users as well:

  • support of design-blocks (allows creation of building blocks) -
  • powerful DRC and constraints system (required to connect the building blocks in a valid way, specifying voltage, current, bus-system,…)
  • annotation support on symbols/pins/nets (when constrains are not enough, to give the synthesis tool additional informations)
  • … other things I missed

Digital circuits have the nice property of typical 1 MCU connected to various perepherie. A constrains solver should be able to create a valid collection of connected building blocks quite easily.

PCB synthesis is way more complicated and I wouldn’t care about that for now. (Autoplacer, Autorouter, Signal-Integrity,…)

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