FOSS Filter design suite with KiCAD schematics as output

Good Day,
in the past weeks i worked on a tool that creates active and passive electronic filters based on the inputs a user makes. You can choose from a wide variety of pole calculations as well as a few different architectures. The Program looks like this:

For the output format you can select for example a Eeschema format which has everything preset to be evaluated with its current NGspice. Of course you can also decide to create a simulation file for LTspice or just output plain text.

The GitLab repo is located here and you can find pre-build versions of the program for Linux and Windows based systems on my Website. I tested the builds to run under Windows 10, Fedora 31, Ubuntu 18.04 and 19 but they should run on almost any distro.

I hope my program can be of good use to someone, i have applied a GPLv3 License to it so it should be easy to integrate in other Projects. Let me know of your thoughts and maybe we can work together on a future version :slight_smile:


There is already a bug report for such feature:

You may be interested in QUCS.
It’s an abandoned open source circuit simulator with a focus on RF circuits.
They have built in filter synthesizers for a variety of filters, you might be able to pinch a couple of ideas.

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Thanks for the pointer. For reference here is the programs homepage.
There sure are a lot of good ideas in there.

Although there have been no QUCS releases for a couple of years I believe that the project is very much alive but not with the original developers. Progress does seem to be extremely slow but there is still live on the sourceforge mailing lists

And some Qucs tools

There is also qucs for spice

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