FOSDEM 2018 - CAD and Open Hardware Call for Participation


Available, with links, at

This is the call for participation in the FOSDEM 2018 devroom on
Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools and Open Hardware, to be held on
Saturday 3 February 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. We are looking for
contributions under the form of talks and tutorials covering the
following main topics:

  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design tools (e.g. KiCad and gEDA)
  • Analogue and digital simulators (e.g. ngspice, Qucs, Gnucap, Xyce,
    GHDL, Icarus and Verilator)
  • Any other EDA tools such as high-level tools for digital hardware
    design (e.g. Migen) and HDL synthesis tools (e.g. Yosys)
  • Field solvers such as openEMS
  • Mechanical 2D and 3D CAD tools such as LibreCAD, FreeCAD, OpenSCAD and
  • Open Hardware projects such as the Teres laptop and the lowRISC SoC
  • Inter-project opportunities for collaboration

We hope to provide an opportunity for attendees to bring themselves up
to date on the latest FOSS CAD and Open Hardware developments, share
knowledge and identify opportunities to collaborate on development
tasks. This devroom is an evolution of the EDA devroom we organised in
2015, 2016 and 2017.


Just wanted to let people know Im officially going :smiley: looking forward to meet some of you :slight_smile: if you happen to be a Developer or library maintainer, please let me buy you a beer


I will also be there, Wayne is probably going to do a “State of KiCad talk” again, and the CERN people usually show up as well.

I think the usual suspects will also go to dinner on Saturday, if more people are interested we might want to coordinate beforehand and reserve a bigger table.


I will also come this year


How many KiCad people are coming?

And is anybody in charge of the Saturday dinner? (place and reservations) and would anyone mind if I bring my non-kicad-gf as a +1? :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meet you all


Ummmm . . . . from YOUR perspective, a more significant question might be, “Would my non-KiCAD-gf mind if I bring her along?”

I have taken my wife to a few gatherings like that, which subsequently became entries on her list of “Things My NEXT Husband Will Not Do.”. Of course, after 43 years I believe that list is running on to 5 or 6 volumes . . . .



When my son was a youngster I asked myself if I really wanted to, or should be going, to places he wasn’t welcome. But Dale might have it right. Make sure she has a backup plan.


I’ll be at Fosdem this year.

And I’d like to come to that Saturday dinner too. I hope translators and proficiency users may be welcome.


Hey, we’re not that nerdy (at least me, Javier and Orson), we can also talk about other things than KiCad :slight_smile:



Guys (particularly @pedro as he has expressed interest), Javier has already booked a table for the Saturday dinner, so if you would like to come - please contact him as soon as possible. You can do it via the Open Hardware Devroom mailing list, but you can also find Javier’s e-mail address on the bottom of the mentioned mailing list page.


for a dinner? no I dont think she mind :slight_smile: she isn’t coming to the fair itself :slight_smile:
for the record she has been joining me for 4 days chess tournaments, so hopefully she can handle the kicad community for a dinner :wink:
and I would be surprised if they are harder to talk to than chess geeks :stuck_out_tongue:


Update: I will be there as well


I am not a KiCad dev but I am coming and giving two talks:

I’ll be at the dinner on Saturday too. Really looking forward to all the talks and seeing you all in person!


It looks like links to videos will be in, Stambaugh’s isn’t available yet. By accident I was at my computer, reading the right post at the right time, to be able to find and see the stream live.


Yeah, I totally forget too, just managed to catch it.

Some really interesting talks on Horizon and LibrePCB.


Does anyone want to have another KiCad/Electronics meet up while in Brussels? I am here till Monday eve.

@Gyrosgeier @Pointhi @Pedro @Tom @ChrisGammell


Already bounced, unfortunately. Hope to see you all again soon though!