Forward annotate custom fields?

I made one or two custom fields in about a hundred components hoping if I forward annotate them they’ll end up on the PCB (even if in the wrong layer; I can search/replace that in the raw file).

They didn’t appear in the PCB.

How can I fix this without laboriously retyping all the data? (and in a way that it won’t get lost with the next forward annotation)

Good thing I found this out now. These ~hundred components are just the beginning. The final design will have another few hundred components with one or two extra fields.

I used the spreadsheet in eeschema to easily enter the data in the first place. I can’t imagine how long it would’ve taken if I had to edit every single component. It’s a shame pcbnew doesn’t have a spreadsheet.

First, simple adive to experiment with a single component, maybe even in a dummy project to get your workflow right, instead of entering data for 100’s of components without knowing if your workflow works…

What other stuff did you do to your PCB?
At the moment I simply assume you are using library Footprints in Pcbnew, and those have no knowledge of your custom fields.
You will at least have to use your own custom footprints, which do have knowledge on where (visibility, layer and location) to put your custom data.

just to be clear: I am not sure if custom labels added to schematic symbols will show up in the netlist and Pcbnew, (My KiCad knowledge is a bit rusty at the moment), but without modifying the footprints they will not get onto your PCB.

The problem is, this project is a sort of PCB ruler which showcases all commonly used footprints of KiCAD. This means all footprints are different, and duplicating all footprints will 1) be more work than adding text graphics to the PCB, and 2?) kind of defeats the purpose if the actually used footprints are not Kicad’s own.

To me this sounds yo’re doing something “unusual” in combinatiton with far to less information to even begin giving some decent advice or suggestions.

Some kind of scripted appoach might fit your use case.

A long time ago I saw some KiCad libraries which had a PCB with all the footprints organised in groups. Such an approach has merit for printing and reference.

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