Forum UI overhaul?

Reading left to right, there are six search functions followed by an index of categories and finally “new topic”.
For a “new to Kicad Forum” person, probably reading and clicking from left to right, there is quite some clicking and reading to finally find a category index. Using the terms “all categories” and “category” may also add to confusion and frustration.

Maybe a rearrangement is due, especially as there may well be changes to the “Category” shortly.

Also, regarding the Forum UI, the “optional tags” need updating.
There has never been a tag for 6.99. Now there is a 7.0.0-rc. Shortly there will be a 7.0.0 and consequently a 7.99.
Maybe it is also time to bid farewell to the 5_1 tag?

Thoughts anyone?

The arrangement is 100% standard on all discourse forums. You will probably need to submit your feedback to

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Looks like this can be changed. I set up a test bed to play with Discourse but not sure I have the time or energy right now to hunt down a setting that I don’t have the ability or permission to change. :wink: That said, sub categories visibility is the main issue at the software level.

I don’t know what jupyter has done but they have a sidebar for that

Yea the sidebar could be nice. I wonder if its a setting or a software upgrade is needed

I like the forum UI just the way it is. Is it perfect? Of course not. But I still like it.

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