Force new "entered" "symbol fied table" property on all symbols of schematic?

Back in the old days before kicad 5 I member that when you put a new field in “symbol field table” it’d propagate across all symbols in the schematic and you could See it in the symbol properties menu of each individual components.

I’d be useful for on the fly component editing since I don’t wanna have to re type LINK, MFR, MFR_PN fields on each components I edit(besides remembering the exact syntax and order is a pain) and since every symbol component should share the same and will share the same table attributes in BOM

I’d like enable it but I’m not sure how the symbol field gathering and displaying works and of todays version of KiCad nightly build but I’d like to enable/ achieve that symbol field propagation or “copying” across all symbol properties window.

Any idea on how to do that?

I’m not entirely sure, but I think what you want is:
Schematic Editor / Preferences / Schematic Editor / Field Name Templates

I think you are not entirely sure or thinking but completely sure and know.

That’s exactly what I wanted thanks.

Now a more advanced question say I want to quickly port my kicad setup across different PC I’d want to know how this config it stored in kicad directory
Do you know what the solution you posted actually does and to what file does it write to?

About the config location and files: Where are the configuration files (settings, library tables)?

You can for example open KiCad, make that one configuration change and close KiCad, then look at the modification times of files.

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