Forbidden zone almost everywhere in Kicad 5.1.2


I recently updated my Kicad installation to the latest stable version.

I created a design for a proof of concept and decided to autoroute most of tracks (because most of my tracks are for low speed signals).
After importing the spectra session, I checked the connections and wanted to adjust some tracks. But it seem that draging 45° refuse to work. And routing by hand let appear an error message about routing inside
Moreover, when I want to drag without 45° constraint, strange green lines appear. Like there is borders everywhere.

I tried to suppress every lines Edge Cuts and I can route normally. But I would like to keep the edge cuts I prepared earlyer because it’s a complex form.

Thank you.

Run DRC it will give you more information. (As you describe a problem with edge cut you might have an invalid edge outline or are affected by the bug

As always, sharing the project could help tremendeously.

I finally re-intalled Kicad 5.1.0-1 because this bug didn’t happened with this verison. Now everything work like a charm. I will wait for this bugfix to be released in a future version.

Thank you for your help.

If you don’t report it and nobody else has the same issue, it might not get fixed

I’m pretty sure this is the bug Rene linked to; it will be fixed in 5.1.3

Since my problem is very similar to the bug report Rene suggested and it status is “Fix commited”, I assumed like craftyjon said that this bug will be fixed in the next version.

In that case it would be worth trying the 5.1 branch Nightly build to see if it fixed for you (assuming Windows or MacOS)

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