For FUN! Power Point without the audio

If you dare… or are just sorta curious… I created my first ever Power Point Presentation to the Olymega maker space tonight and here is the file:

EasyPie.pptx (234.0 KB)

This was my first PPP to a group!

I took exactly 1 hour to teach basic electronics, some diode theory, and run KiCad through it’s paces to create a finished board in the 3D viewer; with ERC and DRC compliance!

The one hour despite the maker group not having the best projector and it was extremely hard for me to read some things.

So, you can blame me if some of the maker space members start to post newbieish questions.

But, if you have the time, and/or curiosity, to critique my presentation in the PowerPoint file I would appreciate any solid negative feedback such that gives me the information to make a positive change.

I found this to be a real challenge for me. Thanks for your time in helping me to make it better the next time around.

ON EDIT: The first 5 slides SUCK, but how can an introduction to electronics NOT include a reference to Ohm’s Law?

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