Footprints with key slots

Hello All
I seem to be drawing a blank (pls excuse the pun).
I’m using Kicad 5 for Mac and trying to create a new footprint for an edge connector which has 3 slots for locating and keyi/polarising. One slot is a simple 0.7mm wide cut which extends 5mm into the PCB edge. The other 2 are more ‘L’ shaped to act as locks for the connector housing.
My problem is I don’t know where to start in trying to integrate these cuts/routs within the footprint. Any help or guidance gratefully appreciated (assuming it’s possible with the Mac version).


One can not directly draw on the edge cuts layer using the footprint editor. The workaround is to draw on for example eco1 and then use a text editor to move the stuff over to the edge cuts layer.

More details see bug report:

Thanks for the reply. That’s a long thread… over 5 years old…? Yikes.
I seem to have no access to the Eco layers as they’re greyed out and I can’t work out why.
So I can’t even use a work-around…!!

I’ve never seen that. I did a source build on Linux. There is a Setjup>>Layers Setup but when I disable them in there it removes them from my menu completely. I wouldn’t think that would be handled differently on a MAC but I’ve never really used one.

Use any layer it does not need to be the eco layer. Even B.Fab would do the trick if you don’t have anything else on that layer. (I just choose eco as i am sure you would not put anything else onto it.)

In current nightly one can normally draw on all layers except edge cut and margin.

In 5.0.2 i can put stuff onto the eco layer. However i first need to draw on one of the other layers and then use the properties dialog of the line to move it there.

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Ah OK. Many thanks. I’ll try a new build of the app too.

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