Footprints - what's the best way to find them?

Footprints - what’s the best way to find them?

What’s the best way to find parts? For example, right now I look for a 3-pin header with RM2.0

The schematic symbol is no problem. But how to find a footprint? The footprint library has no working search (a search for ‘RM’) has no results. The viewer adjusts the footprint size to fill the screen. There is also no ruler to give hints.

Do I need to design it? It’s seems a bit strange to have to design such very common component footprints.

The best way isn’t search them, but draw their own and share with others. KiCad still need a helping hands in this matter.

Considering how many kinds of connectors exist on the market with 2mm raster they are not “very common component”. IMO.

You can still measure distances using information about relative coordinates displayed on the status bar.

And to add to the fun, manufacturers choose every possible way to number the pins, getting very creative with multi row types

I like the sharing idea. However, as a beginner I don’t really like to share the mess I create. Looks like my libraries are in quite a number of directories and rather messy. Can’t wait for the moment I understand the structure and clean them.

Let me add one question: Is there a different in creating footprints for version 4.* vs. older versions?

Update: doh! there is a 1 x 3 2.00mm pitch header. Shame on me!

Never know if your “mess” will be attractive for other person…
Someone can also fix your mistakes or indicate what and how you can improve your work.

From the drawing side, it is not. But you can utilize few more layers and new helping tools (wizzard, array tool, auto enumerate tool).
The difference will be when saving footprints in the new library and use it. However, if you are already familiar with the FP-LIB-TABLE mechanism everything goes smoothly.