Footprints not know

I picked up a Kicad project online.
When I look at the footprint of SMD resistances or SMD capacitors, I find:
These references don’t exist in the footprint library I have.
I can’t find anything online.
Is it an invented reference or does it really exist?
The pads are bigger than on a classic 1206 (I tried to change).
If these references do not exist, they can be recreated, but how do we measure their size?


What project did you find where online?
Internet has become a quite big place.
The aliens who made that project, propably also made a library with that footprint.

But if you know:

then this implies that you can see and compare the footprint.
The most logical case is that you have copies of that Footprint in the PCB file of that project. If that is so you can simply export it.
There are different ways to do this. One way is to create a library with all Footprints in the PCB with:
Pcbnew / File / Archive Footprints / …
(You have to add this library as a custom library to your project and update the links in Eeschema if you want to use this library. This can (probably) be (partly) automated with a existing “archive project” script.

Another way is to select the footprint in Pcbnew and the press: [Ctrl + e] to open that Footprint in the Footprint Editor. Then in the footprint editor you can save it to another library.

Or if you want to keep it simple:
Is there anything special about that footprint? Why not simply use the default footprint for an 1206 component?

Did this online project also come with their own libraries since JZK_SMT is a private library prefix.

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In fact there is a pb when loading footprint in kicad
This librairy don’t exist.
A search on the net don’t give any result on this librairy
probably a personal librairy!

I don’t know if it’s related to the missing footprint.
Besides, if I want to save the footprint as you have stated , Kicad tells me
that its footprint file is read-only.
Change the right in windows, but always the same.
My version is free 5.1.6; there may be a higher version available ?
Otherwise, I can recreate an identical footprint
I’m gonna go over this again tomorrow


We are quite blind here. If you reference a project that you download than it would be a good idea to link to it.


see here :
AMP Lab at Virginia Tech - uBitx Workshop (

Files to download are at the end page
There are 2 projects
On with only a complete PCB, it’s the interristing
A second with séparate modules.


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