Footprints Kicad 4.0.4 support on MAC OSX 10.9.5


I am still running MAC OSX 10.9.5 and KiCAD 4.0.4
Since yesterday I can’t access KiCad footprints, with errors such as:

Errors were encountered loading footprints:
IO_ERROR: http GET command failed Cannot get/download Zip archive: '' for library path: ''. Reason: 'unknown state' from /Users/jenkins/remoteroot/workspace/KiCadBuildMac4/kicad/pcbnew/github/github_plugin.cpp : remote_get_zip() : line 584

Did I modify something inadvertently or are these directories depreciated ?

Thanks in advance Robert


We did not purposefully change anything on the library side. It could be that you are behind a firewall or that github changed their API. Anyhow i would not suggest anyone to run online on demand libs. Especially as in your case you will have quite a difference between your symbol, 3d model and footprint libs. (online footprint libs are from after 4.0.7, whereas your installed symbol libs will be from 4.0.4.)


Hi Rene,
As a matter of fact, all the footprints were already saved to my local library so I did just change the path in the footprint library manager from ${KIGITHUB} to $(KISYSMOD) and its working again, so I believe something happens with the files on GITHUB repository.
Anyhow my problem is solved , thanks for your support


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