Footprints - how to use?

Hi girls and guys,

i got the such great tips here in the forum to get the files for the library i need. i imported them to the library and got them as symbol but i only get a error message when i want to generate the netlist or better when i want to import the netlist to the pcb step. i cant find the footprint.

How is it possible to import the footprint as well?? i use Kicad5

i got the *.dcm, *.lib and *.mod file

so when im right the mod file is the footprint file?

Thanks for your help!


It was
Libraries .mod are very old, maybe named as legacy.

Footprint libraries since version 4, from 2013 to now, are folders with extension .pretty and each footprint is stored in a single file with extesion .kicad_mod

Take a look at cvpcb as well. Any tutorial for version4 will do for version5 footprints management.

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