Footprint with squares like in H-PSOF-8-1

I frequently run into the problem to create footprints with square or other curves. Could somebody explain how to do it or provide me with a lib- file of the Infineon OptiMOS transistor IPLU300. The ackage name is H-PSOF-8-1.
thanks a lot

It’s difficult to help if you don’t tell what the problem actually is. What you’re trying to do, how you are trying to do it, what happens.


At least link to the datasheet you try to implement (if it has more than 5 pages also give the page number where the drawing you try to follow is found)

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It appears they don’t even put the footprint on the datasheet. You have to look that up separately.

They do have the footprint in eps format.


already available at kicad libs


I never noticed that the links I found had hsof instead of psof…

attached please find the first page of the datasheet as well as its footprint.Infineon-IPLU300N04S4-R8-DS-v01_01-EN.pdf (151.5 KB) Footprint.pdf (53.0 KB)

You overlap rectangles.
Make them all the same pin # ID, so they all get connected to the same net according to the schematic symbol.
Same goes for the vias in there… All same pin # ID, otherwise the footprint will not work.

And don’t forget the stencil to the right… hehe.
This would be rectangles and circles on the respective Paste layer.
Need to switch the paste layer OFF then for the rectangles you form the pads with.

And when you use this part in your pcb, don’t forget the back copper area to dissipate heat…
Might add this one in the footprint right away to the tune/size of the vias that come with your footprint there.
Essentially repeating the rectangles labelled #1 in the drawing up there.

Layout is 80% library work.

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