Footprint with multiple components?

Is there a way to create a “footprint” that contains multiple components?

I need to create a footprint for a “chip antenna”. See for example the chip antenna:

The antenna component needs a very specific trace pattern plus some 0402 components for tuning. I’d like to create a footprint that encapsulates all of the traces needed for the antenna part and the surrounding support parts so that the antenna component can be easily moved (or used in multiple projects). I’d rather not construct this on the board itself. Perhaps a “fall-back” would be to create a separate board with the antenna component parts, then copy-paste it into the final design, but would rather have a true footprint.

Any suggestions are welcome!

In short: no. We’re calling these “design blocks” and they are a requested feature but nobody has started work on them yet: Support design blocks (reuse library) for PCBs (lp:#1846332) (#2508) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab

The best bet is to create a separate board and then copy/paste from it as you say.

@CktDesigner …It’s not a perfect solution but, until one exists, you can create a Footprint containing Filled-Polygons or, import graphics (for the tracks) and SMD pads for the 0402 and THT or whatever Pad shape…

After adding the Footprint to the PCB, you can assign Nets to the Pads and can drop the desired 0402 parts onto it (example shows half of one sitting on SMD Pad