Footprint with mixed pad types


Is it possible (in the most recent stable build) to create a footprint with mixed pad types? Id like to include a long skinny through hole pad with an offset hole so I can feed an off board wire through the hole and solder it to the pad (I have already done that), But, I would also like to make the same footprint include a SMD pad because I would like to solder a diode to that pad on the other side of the board and have the output of that diode connect to my power net pour (to protect the device from user error connecting the power and ground lines backwards). I can use two separate footprints, but I’d have to make sure to space them separately to fit the diode. And I want to do the same thing on the ground plane where it will connect to the external ground wire.


Any footprint can have any combination of available pad types.

Have a look at the official Connectors_USB lib for an example of such a footprint. (There are USB connectors with tht pads for the case and smd pads for the pins of the connector.)

Why would you think this can be a problem? (Maybe i understood your question wrong or you have a misunderstanding about something.)


I guess I’m just having an issue with my brain working while trying to create the footprint?


You can add as many different PTH/NPTH/SMD pads (and even just SMD pads with for example only silkscreen or soldermask activated) to one footprint as you want.
Give them IDs or not, just your symbol will have to comply with those choices then naturally.
As @Rene_Poschl wrote, check out those connector footprints that already do those mixes to get an idea.


Look at USB_Micro-B_Molex-105017-0001
It has oval tht pads overlapping with square smd pads. (Exactly what you want to do.)


I don’t know why I was having an issue. Maybe I shouldn’t have beer while I’m working on PCB projects…