Footprint which is only in SilkScreen can't be deleted

I updated KiCad to Version 6. In my projects I have some Graphs in the Silkscreen for Version Logo and so on. I added them by simply adding an footprint in the .kicad_pcb (it’s not in the schematic).
Here is an Screenshot:
No the problem is I can’t delete them. I even can’t select them. Do you have any idea how I can delete this footprint? In the old version this was no problem.

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Do you have Footprints turned on in the Selection Filter at the lower right of your window?

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yes I did.

Even if I turn on all layers
There is no way to select it. It’s behaving like it wouldn’t be there.

what happens if you:

  • set the selection-filter to “only footprints”
  • locked-items also checked (enabled)
  • than “CTRL+A” to select all footprints on board
  • than “delete” to delete all footprints → gets the footprint in question deleted?

You could also attach the complete archived project in this thread - so we could look into this bad footprint ourselves.


Great! This solved my topic! In the selection area “locked items” was disabled…Thanks for the great support!

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