FootPrint Viewer

Hello everybody. In cvpb footprint viewer work only at the first attemp. If I try another time I have only a quick flash
of the window…

Edit: Learned something new. There is a preview in CvPcb (As a separate tool)

CvPcb does not include a footprint preview. Are you talking about the footprint browser? Or are you using a development build (=nighlty) and you mean the new symbol selector that includes a footpritn preview?

In any case. We at least need details about your kicad version. And we really need to know what tool you are talking about. (A screenshot might help. At least state how you started the tool you talk about.)

Footprint preview works a bit oddly. You cannot have two views open at once. The first view gets pushed behind and blocks new previews unless you actually close the first

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