Footprint viewer in footprint assignment window

Hello all,

I’m wondering what the rationale is for not having a viewer that shows the selected footprint when one is choosing footprints for components.

It would be very useful and speed up the process by not having to click a button to view it and also close the editor.

Is this feature coming soon or am I missing something that can enable it already?

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I assume you are talking about Cvpcb? There is a footprint viewer. Third icon from the left on the toolbar, just leave it open while selecting footprints.


Yes, I mean CVPcb. I realize that there is a viewer, but having to switch windows every time while looking for a footprint is not a very elegant solution. An embedded viewer in CVPbc is what I am asking for.

If one has multiple windows open and nested in the start menu bottom bar, it’s even more clicks.
An embedded viewer is a far superior solution, IMO.

Would it take much work to implement?

The Cvpcb window is already rather large. There are far more benefits to having multiple monitors considering the cost so low these days. Once you run EEschema and PCBNew side by side you never go back. :wink:


Running 2 screens for 13/14 years now, highly recommended.
Still got that first set, 2x 19" 1280x1024 from BenQ, now in the workshop, power buttons playing up though.
The 2nd set, 2x 22" 1680x1024 LG did last for 8 years and really broke down.
Current set, 2x 24" 1920x1200 DELL, very thin bezel. :heart_eyes:
PS: current curved ultra wide monitors can’t compete on price with this, nor size.

But back on topic, this doesn’t work for you (org res: 1800x1100)?

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