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Hi All,
I am having trouble setting the VALUE of my footprints. I want it to be on the fabrication layer (no problem with that) and it has to show the component schematic reference designator ( I am using it to generate the assembly drawing).
I have tried with REF** and %R but It doesn’t seem to work. It looks like it is always getting the footprint value for the schematic symbol value not form the refrence.
Any workaround?

I am using on of the latest nightly build.



%R should work. But it must be in a user text field. (The value field always takes the value assigned to the symbol not the reference.)

I see, problem with that is that it is loosing the component linkage and you have to be careful when moving it to not mix up with other components.
BTW what is the best way to generate an assembly drawing? Usually using the silkscreen is not ideal as reference labels may be moved away from their respective components for layout/visual reason.

Have a look at any of the newer footprints in the official library. They all have the second reference as a user text on the fab layer.
The user text will still move with the footprint if placed in pcb_new. You can even sill move it manually if you need to. (Exactly the same behavior in this regard when compared to the value and reference fields)


I was referring to the ratsnest-like line that is visible between the component and the reference/value when moving the reference/value. This linking line doesn’t seems to appear when moving user text.


Yes indeed this only exists for the reference and value field. But this is at most a minor inconvenience.

If you do it similarly to the official lib then you will not need it that much. As we place the fab layer reference inside the body outline. There is a very low chance that you will have to move it around separately to the footprint.

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