Footprint select issue

One of the most annoying problems with the Pre-5.1.6 I am still facing is the problem with incosistent selection of footprints on my PCBs.
By selection, I mean highlight the footprint to Delete/Move/Edit etc.
Unfortunately my experience with it is very inconsistent (i.e. works once, then not working as expected).

One interesting discovery I made today is the issue with Select when rotate footprint 45degree.
Attached screenshot shows my configuration: battery holder (BOT layer) and LQFP on top.
Now when the LQFP is placed at right angles, click anywhere in the LQFP area selects it, makes sense (*).
But once I change the orientation of my LQFP to 45deg, I can’t select it anymore where it overlaps with battery holder. Anytime I click on the LQFP area, my battery holder is selected - definitely not right.
Return the LQFP to right angles - again LQFP selectable.
What would I expect in both cases, would be the “disambugation” list - if I want to select my LQFP or battery holder. Not happening unfortunately.
Now it might make sense to default select the footprint if it’s on the current layer (e.g. if I work on top, clicking on the footprint would select footprint on TOP without disabmubagion dialog).
But in my case, the Battery holder is on Bottom, my LQFP on top and current layer is Top. Something’s broken IMO.

The behaviour might depend on the footprint. Is there for example a difference in how the courtyard or fab layer is designed between footprints that work and once that don’t? Do the footprints use different layers in general?

In this case I work with two footprints that do not change in between tests. Just rotating my LQFP 45deg causes the LQFP to become non-selectable.
But in general, there are places the Footprint selection could be improved…

Reproducible with Kicad’s footprints.
Steps to reproduce in my case (odrer matters)

  1. Put “BatteryHolder_Bulgin_BX0036_1xC” on the board (using PCBNew, just place footprint),
  2. Put “LQFP-128_14x14mm_P0.4mm” in the middle of “Battery holder”
  3. Try to select LQFP. It will select.
  4. Edit LQFP, set Orientation 45degree
  5. Try now to select LQFP. It is not selectable normally.
    Next tricks:
  6. Try to use Left-Alt + click to “force disambugation”; the list shows up and disappears in a fraction of second (Win, reported before as a bug),
  7. Then LShift + LAlt + click finally brings “force disambugation” where I can select the LQFP.

Smells similar, but probably there’s more than addressed by the issue.
I suspect something wrong with the function to calculate “active” area of a footprint. The rotation definitely triggers some misbehaviour.

Updated to today’s testing Pre-5.1.6 (5.1.5-131) and my problem seem solved here. Now I do get disambugation list in my test case.

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