Footprint Reference group selection

I’d like to select and move just the reference of some footprints. The idea is to visualize them on the bottom silkscreen layer as shown (on the right of their own footprints). I don’t want to select or move the footprints.

I’m trying to Select & Filter Selected Items option with no success. The only way to do this is moving the references one-by-one. Any suggestions to speed up this process?

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Should I raise a feature request? I think reference selection & move would be useful to avoid repetitive tasks.

This does the trick for me, but I’m trying v6.99, not 6.0. You can also use the Objects tab and hide Values if you happen to have them in the same layer than the references. For some reason there’s no “Board Text” there, so you are out of luck if you happen to have lots of other text in the same layer there.

It seems It does not work in kicad 6


You have all selection filters (in the bottom of the right hand panel) checked, I had only Text checked.

Oh, I didn’t realize…
It works now. Thanks!

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