Footprint Question

Hello, after designing the buck converter with LTspice, we are working on cad with Kicad after ordering it from MOUSER.
I’m a newbie just started, so I just checked if the parts were in stock and used a non-popular resistance and capacitor. (ex 3.83KΩ, 2.2nF) So when I try to download it from the component search engine, I can’t get the other capacity because I don’t have a download file for the footprint except for popular devices such as 10uF. I don’t have a lot of time, so if I need a 3.83kΩ footprint, will it work normally even if I use a 4kΩ footprint? If I compare the footprints, only the size changes and there is no big difference, so I’m asking because I’m curious.
Thank you for reading the long comment

Footprint sizes are separate from the part value. You have to use the footprint that matches the part you are buying. It will state on the datasheet what the dimensions are. If the size changed because you decided to buy a different part, then you will have to change the footprint in the layout and the tracks to it.