Footprint problems

I am a rookie here.
Could you tell me please how a footprint for 1728 lamp should look like ? Or maybe you can give me a link to lamps’ footprints. Thanks.

You might want to give us a link to a datasheet of your component if you want help.

Anyhow, There is a tutorial in the FAQ section that should explain everything you need to know about making a footprint: Tutorial: How to make a footprint in KiCad 5.1.x (From scratch)?

Hello Rene.,
Thanks . Yes sure. Here it is .

Frankly, it’s so simple that anything with two holes is enough. Take for example the KiCad’s LED_THT -> LED_D2.0mm as a starting point, or create one with two THT pads.

I would not start from the 2mm diameter led. The 5mm diameter one might be better suited.

To be honest, it might be faster to make this footprint from scratch than to adapt one from another part.

Yeah, they seem to have 1 inch pitch…

Such a simple footprint is ideal for learning how to make one. After you have learned, it takes more time to ask for one than to make one.

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