Footprint Position File (.pos) has 0 k

Good day. Board is manufactured and ready for placement of parts. Every time I try to create a .pos file (Fabrication Outputs to Footprint Position File), the program creates a text file with absolutely no data (a .txt and not a .pos file), 0k in size. I tried different options to no available. Help please.

What do the messages say, when you run this ?

Info: Front side (top side) place file: ‘C:\Users\Tony\Desktop\Epsilometer\Epsilometer-top.pos’.
Info: Component count: 145
Info: Back side (bottom side) place file:
Info: Component Count 90.
Info: Full component count: 235
Component Placement File generation OK.

That’s not what the messages say. My run creates no .TXT and 2 x .pos files, same as your messages.
If you open the full path
in a text editor, does that contain the expected 145 parts ?

It now has two .pos files but when I attempt to open them I receive a message

Windows can’t open this file:
File: Epsilometer-bottom.pos
To open this file, Windows needs to know what program you want to use to open it.

You are correct and thank you for your help. I was able to use a text editor to open the file and find the information I was looking for. PCB_Wiz, again thank you and have a nice day!

Hi, I created gbr and drl files, how to create .pos file ?

in pcb_new: file->fabrication output->footprint postion file

Thank You, I got it.