Footprint Placeholder on PCB

I’m about to start laying out a PCB and I will be adding a metal box that mounts directly on the PCB (no traces going to it). I want to make room on the PCB for the metal box, but I don’t have a metal box in my schematic, but I need something there thtat’s the same size as the box to be a place holder during the layout. Can I make a footprint that’s the size of the metal box and add it to my PCB layout even if it’s not part of the schematic? Is there a better way to do this? Thanks in advance!

two options. add a symbol to the schematic (one without a pin) that is then assigned to the footprint representing your box.
(look at the mechanical lib for inspiration.)

or add the footprint directly from within pcb_new. (right toolbar has an add footprint button.) To avoid this footprint to be deleted on pcb update from schematic you would need to lock it.

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For a simple box I’ve just drawn the outline on a non pcb layer (Dwgs Usr?)

For a complex box I’ve imported a DXF drawn in another program.

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I use metal shields on RF boards. I make sure to have a top fill layer of GND, then add a Keep-Out zone on the silkscreen layer so the copper is exposed. The shield just solders on to the silver area. It really is easy and doesn’t warrant anything complex.

Good luck.

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