Footprint pins are opposite what they should be

I created my own part and incorporated it into my board. During a final check, I realized the 6 sip pins were reversed. I reversed them on the footprint and everything works but the symbol is wrong. On the schematic, Pin 1 is VCC but on the symbol Pin 1 is really Pin 6. I don’t really have a clue why. Any idea why this happens? I attached my library, it’s part USB_C_Module. Thanks for any help!

USB-C Breakout (2.3 KB)
Sorry, here’s the part.

Can you create a small test project in which that schematic symbol and footprint is used? That makes it easier to check your work. Adding the datasheet also helps.

I did, but didn’t see the problem. I reopened my project and didn’t see the problem. Must have been a one-time fluke or user error.