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Footprint Management - Library/File Problem

Could be a Bug or, most likely ‘Me’… :frowning_face:

All was working well.
I had Folders for my Footprints/etc and, to enable Grouping, I named them by leading the name with an ascii character “ • “.

When opening KiCad today, Errors were reported and showed those filenames no longer leading with the “•” but some other character.

I renamed all of my Folders and ReBuilt the Path’s (Build, Footprints and Symbols). I renamed the Folders by leading with a “z” to group them in the tree (e.g. zDevices, zWires…etc).

I quit KiCad and ReStarted it.

All Paths and Folders look good in the Path’s panels.
BUT, for some reason, the previous Folders with the “•” still list in the Footprint Tree and not the new Names!

I spent a good amount of time (but, did not delete cache’s, Lib’s…etc)

Perhaps a simple solution and need advice… ?


Could you share the local and global lib tables? Or at least add a screenshot of them.

below are screenshots. Not exactly sure what Lib to upload as each project has it’s own…

The path variables are uninteresting. Show the screenshot of the library table.

Just in case Library management in KiCad version 5

thank you. I’ve previously read the links info (that’s how I was successful until today’s problem). I’ll re-read it.

Using KiCad 5.1.5-0

I think below screenshot is what you want (?)
I figure the “•” in the Nickname have no relevance on actual file location/fiule-name…I did not change those(?)

Well what char do the nicknames start with?

I left the Nicknames as I originally defined them (with the “•”) but, the actual filename leads with “z”.


the Folder “•My_Wires” is now “zMy_Wires” with the Nickname of “•My_Wires”

The nickname defines how KiCad knows the library. Meaning the nickname is what you see in the symbol (or footprint) editor and in all other KiCad tools (the symbol chooser, the footprint assign tools, …)

This is very useful to people like me. Allows me to have the same library file name from different sources in the table at the same time (I have the master branch, current pull request and my own fork in the lib table to allow me to review stuff on the official lib as well as contribute to it)

I must be missing something… Perhaps I’m totally missing some key points but, when I first setup Kicad and made models/footprints and moved things around, I was still able to resolve what was missing (if something was).

But, I just can’t seem to figure out the problem in today’s posting:

  1. Why something changed overnight
  2. Why a Footprint shows in the systems File Mgr and in the 3D-Footprint selection panel but does NOT show in the Panel to add it to a PCB. all my other parts are there…

To clarify by example:
• Ziff1.kicad_mod shows in “zMy_Terminals” folder
• Ziff1.wrl shows in the 3D selection panel (deleted it and added it back, no problem)
• Zif1 does NOT list in the Tree when selecting/placing the footprint. In fact, IT LISTS ALL THE SWITCHES from zMY_Switches :exploding_head:

File Manager shows what’s in the Folders…


You do notneed a path variable for every library. Is it possible that you use the same library nickname in the project local lib table? Also which tool are you using when you talk about placing footprints (a screenshot of the tool that misses your lib might help)

Maybe reading these will help for a better understanding:

*** SOLVED ***

I’m embarrassed (and old)
The light didn’t go on in my head until this evening.
My computer (OSX) does a customized monthly system-wide cleaning and a localized (Foreign) language font was deleted.
The ascii bullet I used was from that Font Family thus, odd font-character substitutions were assumed and links went south…

Thanks again for your support

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