Footprint not in use pin's


I’m unsure what to do in this case.
I have created a symbol and the corresponding footprint for an Adafruit GPS Module.

Usually this is a piggyback to an Adafruit Feather µController.
However, in my design I have the GPS module separated from the µC.

As marked in the attached picture, only a few of the pin’s are connected. The others have no function.

Now the problem is that the DRC brings error’s like “Warning: No net found for symbol U9 pin 8” and so on.

Simply turn off or change the severity seems to be a bad idea.

So I reach out to you, if someone have a solution for this. Or some kind of standard practise? I’ve been thinking about to delete the unused pins in the footprint and just replace them by a circle on the “Edge cuts” layer. But then I don’t have any copper there to solder the module down. It would just be fixed on the used pin’s. I think it would strong enough but I guess there is a better solution for this?

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Try removing pad numbers from unused pads. You probably want to create a copy of this footprint to your personal library for this, so that the original footprint can be used for other purposes.

Another possibility is of course to add unused pins to the symbol and mark them as no-connect.

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Dear @eelik

Removing the pad numbers did the trick. As suggested I’ve made a copy of the footprint. It is anyway a self designed footprint. I’ve just added a “_NC” as suffix to be able to tell them apart.

Thank you very much for your kind help.
This caused me some headache.

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