Footprint - non standard/uniform spacings


I am struggling with a pin and mounting hole layout for a common prototyping board (RobotDyn AVR2560Pro).

Whilst its double spaced header pins have standard 2.54mm spacings, they are not necessarily aligned to a ‘standard’ grid or spaced from each other on other features eg mounting holes and board outline. If I change the grid spacing on the fly I find I lose relationships to components when I change back.

What is the preferred Kicad workflow to locate pads in these sort of scenarios? It does seem the drawing tools fall short in circumstances like these.


I’d say throw it in the bin and buy yourself a decent prototyping board.

Alternatively, directly from the KiCad project manager: File / New project from Template / Arduino Mega Shield

When designing a footprint like that it does not help you much to change the grid. The best workflow is very likely to first draw all the pads on a simple grid, then make groups of the sections of pads that should stay together and use one of the move functions from the Special Tools popup under the right mouse button.

I’d say throw it in the bin and buy yourself a decent prototyping board.

Not helpful - especially as you do not know the context of why and what and I’m doing.

Anyway a possible answer might be useful for others.

I solved by having to use CAD to find precise dimensions and then ‘Move Exactly’ under ‘Special Tools’ via RMB

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