Footprint name starting with a number - not allowed?

I created some footprints with the following names: 2X100SMT, 6X100SMT, 8X100SMT
For some reason when importing the netlist into PCBNEW I get error messages saying that these footprints are not found. There is not problem with other footprints which reside in the same directory so it is not an issue of a path to these footprints.
The only thing that I can think of is that there is a problem when a footprint name begins with a number, because these are the only footprints which give this problem.
Is this the problem, or should I look elsewhere?

Could be the number, there have been a few tweaks to the parsing.

What is your KiCad version?

My version is 5.1.5 - 3

is not a problem. Do you mean by any chance to the reference id?

I have at least one named n.n.n in an in-house footprint library. This library is used by every project as a project specific library.

The same number is actually used for the symbol name and the footprint name. No issues at all.

I suggest you post the full error message

Could you post one of your footprints here, zipped as I don’t think the Discource underscore in extension name bug fix has been deployed yet.
Also what is the library directory name?

This is the error message when reading a netlist

actually the footprints were taken from the Kicad distributed library, copied into my own library directories and only the name was changed. These are smt 100mil headers and I simply renamed them to
They all reside in the same directory as my other “private” SMT footprints and there is no problem getting the other footprints

You assigned the footprints wrong. The footprint field of the symbol should contain not only the footprints name but also its library. This would also be reflected in the error message. See How can i assign a footprint to a symbol?

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Well, I found the problem - a matter of change in case, now I know that the names are case sensitive. Changed the X to x and it works.

Regarding the inclusion of the library - It seems to be working just fine without the name of the library, as long as the libraries that contain the footprint are in the table. I guess there could be a conflict if the same name appears in two libraries, but since I work only with my private libraries this never happens. Basically I cannot include the footprint libraries in my schematic components library because typically we do only the schematics and the PCB editing is done by a third party which uses a different CAD system, and I cannot force them to work according to my libraries. Now I wanted to try to edit one of the schematics and faced the problem (which, as said, was solved). Maybe a nice feature would be to be able to exclude the library name from the netlist, even if it is listed in the schematic library.

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