Footprint missing in Cadstar netlist export



I am trying to use the default Cadstar export function because my layouts will be done by an external contractor that uses Cadstar. It seems like the field “footprint” is missing compared to exports in other formats. Anyone who has a solution?


Regards Stian




I’m also facing the same problem. Any hints to solve this?


Check on the bug tracker to see if there is an existing report and raise one if necessary.
My office used to use Cadstar, but we have lost licences over the years



What we do is to export the netlist in standard Kicad format. With Kicad format all attributes are showing up.

Then we have created a little program that sorts the text file to how Cadstar likes it.


Is it possible to make this small program publicly available?


Good idea, maintaining export to commercial CAD software is not a priority for the developers