Footprint malformed

Hello everyone,

I’m contacting you because I have errors when I check the DRC and I don’t know how I can manage it. I have tried something but it doesn’t work. Can you please help me ?
The errors are that the footprint “has malformed courtyard”.


It means the footprint has an error. Let me guess, it’s not from the KiCad library but you downloaded it from the Internet. U2 looks like an 14 pin SMD IC. Can you use a generic package footprint for it from the KiCad library instead?

Yes indeed, I downloaded it from the Internet. Would you like me to find another print similar to this one but directly on Kicad? That’s right.

As I said, U2 looks like a 14 pin SMD IC. You haven’t told us what the IC is so you need search for it in the standard KiCad library. If it’s not there in the symbol library, use the package type to search for a suitable footprint. Might be something like SOIC-14-blah-blah.