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I installed KiCad to design a macropad pcb so I had to add some project specific libraries for components such as switch footprints. However, I was assigning footprints to components and the library for the key switch footprints was empty. I may have done something wrong in the process of adding it but I added to libraries at the same time and one of them works fine. Just wondering if people know how to fix this problem.

First. What version of Kicad and what OS?

Is the library one distributed with Kicad or something you got elsewhere? If it was distributed with Kicad, what is the name of the library?

I’m using KiCad version 5.1.4 on Windows 10. The library is one I found on github, for various keyboard switches, called MX_Alps_Hybrid

Because it’s public, why don’t you just give us a link?

If the libraries show up then make sure that the download worked and check to see if they have things in them or are really empty.

The library seems to be OK.

Does How to get a downloaded symbol, footprint or full library into KiCad version 5? help you?


Thank you, that seems to have done it!

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