Footprint libraries won't display in editor


Stuck on this. Any assistance greatly appreciated.

I’m on OS X 10.14.6, KiCad version is 5.1.5-10-0_14

In the Footprint Editor, all the desired installed footprint libraries show up in the left pane but they are all empty. I can create new footprints OK.

Wish I could add screenshots here… so much easier to explain…

${KISYSMOD} is set to /Library/Application Support/kicad/modules
This folder exists, has many, many .pretty folders. I checked a couple of .mod files in the Capacitor_SMD.pretty folder with a text editor and they looked as if they had sensible data.

In Manage Footprint Libraries, the location specified for the above capacitor library is:
This all expands out to a legitimate folder
I also filtered a lot of libraries out that I didn’t need

In Footprint Editor, in the lefthand pane, all the libraries that I filtered show up in the list but when expanding the down arrow, no individual footprint files are shown

Similarly, in CvPcb, the lefthand pane shows all the filtered libraries, the central pane shows the netlist but the righthand pane is empty

Any suggestions?


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