Footprint librarian fails if 'pretty' lib empty

Not sure if this is the correct place to report this, but:

If (as is the case at present) there are KiCad pretty libs without any useful content, and the user (unknowingly) requests an update of them from github (e.g. by using Select All), they will be marked as ‘INVALID’ (rather thank ‘OK’) in the import summary table. There is at that point no option to ignore them. If the user then attempts to continue, the update will exit as soon as one of those libraries is encountered, and so the remaining libs will not be updated.

I was able to complete update of the other libs only by noting the ones that failed and then unchecking the import request – an activity which took a couple of attempts and a lot of github checks because I was unfamiliar with the process.

IMO The empty libs should be marked ‘Empty’ and for the remainder of the process ignored. A failure dealing with one library should not, I believe, unconditionally cause the process to terminate.

The libs that currently cause this include:

  • Connectors_Amphenol
  • Housings_LCC
  • Housings_PGA
  • Housings_SON

I am sure a similar issue came up recently, I can’t remember where I saw it. May have been on the dev list.

Anyway, you could raise a bug at if you like.