Footprint is not being assigned

Hi, I have a schematic with battery, led and resistor wired together. From tools I select assign footprint. In the middle of the next display I see the components. I select resistor. I know it has been selected because I see it outlined in blue.
I select an axial resistor. At the bottom I click ok. The footprint is then supposed to be assigned to the resistor. However when I check with ‘create,delete or edit’ footprint for the resistor I get no footprint loaded.
Can anybody explain this please. Thanks.

First, I recommend that you go to Help>About>Copy Version Info and report that.

Second, it is unclear to me whether you have schematic only or whether you are also looking at a your pcb editor? I am not sure where you are clicking when you say that you are clicking…

Third, If you are able to post some screen shot images, that will also help.

Forth: Your schematic design sounds very complicated! (I am kidding.)

Can anybody explain this please

Most probably you are not following the kicad workflow and mixup different tools/editors:

  • assigning footprints should happen in the schematic
  • “create,delete or edit footprint” opens the footprint editor
  • both tasks or not directly connected (albeit the range of available footprints should be the same in both dialogs/editors)

@petercl14 : all your last questions sound as if you are trying to get your first things done with kicad. I would recommend to spend 2hours reading (and building) the tutorial project: Getting Started in KiCad | 7.0 | English | Documentation | KiCad

Kicad is not a simple “paint”-program and the user needs to get used to the program. Working through the tutorial ensures:

  • you get used to the basic functions
  • you learn the names of the different program-parts (editors, dialog-windows), so your next questions in the forum are more exact and we can give you better answers.
  • this also makes the work for the regular forum members easier (as we don’t have to answer the same questions over and over - that’s the task for tutorial+FAQ).

I didn’t understood what you are doing until I read mf_ibfeew answer. Now I suppose I know.

And I suppose that you have footprint assigned to this one resistor at your schematic.

But you didn’t assigned that footprint to resistor symbol in library what is OK as you can use one symbol from library and than assign for each its use in schematic different footprint.

I never assign any footprint at schematic as I have in my library only symbols with footprints already assigned (in Symbol Editor and not Schematic Editor). When I first time looked around in KiCad it was my decision to work that way. KiCad is designed to allow not only one workflow.

I am following a tutorial. I guess I will have to assume that the footprints are already there after I have assigned them in the schematic editor. Possibly a mistake to look for them in the footprint editor.
I will follow the rest of the tutorial in designing the circuit . If the footprints aren’t there it should soon show up.

I may try your method. It could be a lot simpler.

There is also an official “Getting Started with Kicad” on this site in the “Documentation” link.