Footprint has incorrect courtyard (not a closed shape)

I get the following error when I run design rules check:

Footprint has incorrect courtyard (not a closed shape)
@(3.7270 in, 2.5500 in): Footprint J4 on F.Cu

I can find no reason for this. In fact I use the same footprint twice on the same PCB board, J2 and J4. Design rules check does not have a problem with the footprint as use for J2. I selected the footprint for J4, chose properties and clicked “Update Footprint from Library…” just to insure that I did not inadvertently corrupted the footprint on the PCB. The footprint used for J2 and J4 is the same footprint in the same library. Any help would be appreciated.

A second but less important question is that there is an circled X at the top of U1. I am sure that it is the result of something I did but I do not know what it means, or how to delete it. Again any help would be appreciated.

I am sorry if this update is confusing but I had several screen captures of the PCB and the design rules check dialog but I get a message that new users cannot upload attachments.

You might have modified J4 footprint by accident, in which case reloading the footprints should fix it.
It is also might be possible that the footprint is badly drawn and the DRC algorithm detects the open courtyard in one place and not another due to rounding errors.

… and maybe library footprint is problematic. Try to update footprint for J2, and see if DRC will not complain afterwards.

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