Footprint for stm32


hi every body
I have downloaded stm32 library for kicad and now I want to add footprint.
but I noticed there are just two file .dcm and .lib it means I dont have the footprint ?
Thanks all


You can use standard QFP footprints.


The lib file contains symbols. The DCM contains some text documentation. The footprints are standard pqfp etc


How should we help you if we don’t know which stm we talk about? There are STMs in very different packages out there. Everything from a QFP with a few pins (I think i saw as low as 32 pins) to a BGA with > 200 balls is in the range of possibilities. (And there are also other types of packages.)

If you want further help then you need to at least provide the full part number of your STM. Ideally also include links to the documentation. (make sure the docu you list gives details about the package. Meaning a dimensioned drawing of it.)

You might want to read up on what footprints and symbols represent: What is the difference between footprints and symbols?


Thanks you all for your help guys