Footprint for SOM

I have project with a SOM (Sytem on Module). I am going to make the carrier board for the module.
The SOM consists of 3 high density connectors and 4 mounting holes (spacers).
How do I organize this, as I want the 3 connectors and the 4 spacers to appear as individual components due to BOM and most importantly the pick&place equipment.

Does the manufacturer of your SOM have any information available about preferred practices? They should at least have a detailed drawing with exact connector layout and tolerances.

With a complete install of KiCad you get a bunch of templates with board size and connector layout for several “arduino” boards and for a Beagle Bone Black. On my Linux box these are in /usr/share/kicad/template but I have doubt if examples like these have much relevance for you.

There are lots of different “high density connectors”, both in SMT and in THT. Is self alignment during soldering good enough for you, or do you need special considerations for this? Again, the manufacturer of your SOM module should be able to answer questions like these.

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Thanks your reply paulvdh.
I would like to make one footprint covering the whole module, and still have separate connectors and spacers for the pick&place.
Off cause the SOM manufacturer have a detailed drawing with all the dimensions, and the connector manufacturer has the drawings for recommended footprint.

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