Footprint for NodeMCU board


I’m developing a board where there will be two 1x15 female header for ‘seating’ the HiLetgo NodeMCU[1]. Does anybody know if there are any library that includes NodeMCU’s footprint?

I already tried to ‘manually’ add two 1x15 female header on a PCB separated by the distance I’ve measured between NodeMCU’s pins using a calliper. But I did some mistake because the resulting PCB wasn’t good… it didn’t fit. So now I’m looking for a footprint.



Does that development module fit easily on a common “wireless breadboard”? If so, (and I suspect it does.) the pin spacings are some integer multiple of 0.1 inch (2.54mm). That should be all the information you need to draft a usable footprint. (From the photos, my eyeball estimate is 0.7" (17.78mm) between rows, but that is an unusual value so I bet it’s either 0.6" (15.24mm) or 0.8" (20.32mm).)

Do you intend to use the mounting holes in that module? (Given the apparent size and mass of the module it certainly won’t hurt to anchor it with at least screws in diagonally opposite corners.) Even if your project won’t use the mounting screws, mating holes should appear on your footprint for completeness, and for your benefit the next time you use the part and want to fasten it down. Unlike the electrical footprint, the mounting holes could be on either a metric, or imperial, grid pattern.

Fundamental question: Why are you using components whose manufacturer doesn’t supply even a basic mechanical outline drawing? I have encountered that practice in the Arduino world where supposedly interchangeable modules don’t have compatible mechanical interfaces. If the supplier won’t adequately describe (with drawings and sketches) the components he is selling to you, it will cost you money, schedule time, and frustration in the long run.


I think the spacing is either 0.7" or 0.8" using my un-calibrated eyeball.

I was just about to type up the rest of what you wrote before I noticed your reply. Thanks for saving me the typing!

Another hint is that this can be draw up in KiCad, then printed out to scale on a sheet of paper. The part can then be placed on the paper to check for proper fitment.

I really don’t know if it fits. PCB printed in paper is at scale, right? If so I can create a two 1x15 header placed 0.8" apart, print it out and check if pins distance matches.

In this first iteration, I won’t be using the mounting hole. But that something I’ll keep in mind!

Actually I bought it because I had some ‘amazon rewards points’ so it was free for me and well supported by the community. So creating a PCB wasn’t an initial goal :slight_smile: but you are right. I’ll keep that advise in mind as well.


Thanks! I just asked that to Dale before read your reply. I’ll do that for sure.


Hello Dale and Sprig

It’s 0.9":

Thanks for the help,

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