Footprint for connector

Hello everyone. Is there any footprint for this element in default libraries?

5.08 mm pin spacing

Without a full datasheet we will not be able to tell you that. Footprints for parts that look similar to yours to exist in the Terminal block libraries. If you have a manufacturer name plus a part number you might be able to find the exact part in the lib.

Otherwise will need to check the existing footprints for other parts against the datasheet of your part to see if any of them are fitting your part. I would advice against that. If your exact part is not in the lib, i would suggest you create your own footprint. (Less work over all and you will learn a new skill along the way.)

For checking footprints against datasheets i found it useful to use freecad. Here a tutorial for the workflow i personally use to check all contributions to the official library: Tutorial: How to check footprint correctness?

For creating new footprints i also wrote up my workflow in this FAQ article: Tutorial: How to make a footprint in KiCad 5.1.x (From scratch)?

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Rene is right, but for those of us cheapskates who buy cheap parts off ebay or aliexpress the datasheets can be difficult to get. :slight_smile:

For this particular part, TerminalBlock_Phoenix_MKDS-1,5-2-5.08_1x02_P5.08mm_Horizontal is probably close enough.


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