Footprint for an Ethernet connector

I was hoping someone would know which footprint I should use for this connector:
It also looks the same as this:

My guess is that it’s “Connector_RJ:RJ45_Ninigi_GE” but hoping someone has confirmation.

If you are buying a component without a data sheet available you’re going to have first buy the component and check its’ dimensions.

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Looks similar to this 8p8c from amp (pins are on a 50-mil grid). Maybe you can tweak as needed and add the shield can plated holes.

J_modular_8P8C_low_profile_amp_5555164-1.kicad_mod (5.6 KB)

Looks can be deceiving, and there are probably hundreds of variants for footprints of RJ45 connectors.

Thanks for the responses! I found another seller who had a CAD drawing:
Is there a way to import or overlay a JPG over the footprint to compare?

PCB Editor / Place / Add Image …

It can be of some help, but don’t rely on it. There is no guarantee that a picture from another (or even the same) seller is compatible with your footprint, or that the picture itself is actually accurate.

Well, the drawing gives you dimensions and hole sizes, so why would you waste time farting around scaling and importing a crappy drawing to overlay when you have the exact numbers to build a footprint the proper way? Which would take less than five minutes, btw.

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If you plan on making the board, just go ahead and get your connectors, and then finalize the board. If you simply MUST know then go to someplace like Digikey. They might be a tad more expensive but you have over 16K to choose from and each has a proper datasheet. :wink:

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The first time I used a RJ45 connector, in a self designed PCB, I was inexperienced, did not have a datasheet present and only did a cursory check. The holes were off by up to 1.5mm and I did not spot that. By carefully bending the pins of the connector, and fiddling with tweezers during insertion I managed to put a connector on a PCB in about 4 minutes. So for that batch of 30 PCB’s with two connectors each, that took about 4 hours of assembly time. And that is what prompted me to make that test fitting tutorial I posted earlier. So consider yourself warned.

Edit: Small clarifications

I’m very surprised.
What you understand under ‘such connectors’. The Ethernet connector or Ethernet connector from aliexpress.
With holes according to datasheet I had never any problem with this connectors.
But you have to be care. For example the connector I used had all LED pads (4 holes) in one line and the other firm connector looking as direct replacement had everything the same except each LED had its pads along 45° line.

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